What is Area 51’s Alien Secret

Driving along highway 375 in central
Nevada the desert landscape of Basin and
Range stretches out in all directions as
far as the eye can see it is the
archetypal American West wide open
spaces and harsh conditions where only
the most rugged of individuals have
settled and survived there are no cities
here towns if you can call them that are
few and far between and the only sounds
that disturb this pristine wilderness
are rattlesnakes coyotes and jet
aircraft highway 375 is on the eastern
flank of the Southwest test and training
range complex at its center is Nellis
Air Force Base 5,000 square miles of
Earth and sky that’s known as the
military’s private playground here the
Air Force’s version of Top Gun exercises
take place Nellis Air Force Base
probably the high holy place of the
fighter pilot for fighter pilots
training at Nellis the sky’s the limit
with one unqualified exception no one no
matter what their level of security
clearance is allowed to fly at any time
or at any altitude in the airspace
designated r48
oh wait you do not fly into that area
even if it means breaking off a combat
or diverting is simply not done in Air
Force parlance airspace are 48 Oh 8 is
called dream land so named by a pilot
who was inspired by a poem of the same
name by Edgar Allan Poe dreamland
encloses 60 square miles of the most
secure most secret land in the United
States and inside lies the mysterious
place known as area 51
just the idea of a secret base up in the
middle Nevada where the possibilities
are endless because we don’t know what’s
going on there for the most part is
powerful and potent and alluring for
nearly a half century area 51 has been
the military’s best-kept secret so
secret in fact that until very recently
the US government denied it even existed
everybody knows of the places that
everybody knows it’s working but the
government is a secret however for a
place that is supposedly non-existent
area 51 has an inordinate amount of
security just a few miles down this road
lies a bastion a sanctuary of some of
the most classified and high technology
programs that exist in the world along
nameless dirt roads off highway 375
signs warn the curious that it is
illegal to enter photograph sketch or
even look at anything beyond this point
motion sensors in the road and along the
perimeter alert a private security force
to approaching trespassers as far as we
know nobody’s ever been able to
penetrate the base and somebody would be
you’d have to be extra stupid to try
everything is highly monitored it is
impenetrable and even if you’ve got
clothes you still have a dry lakebed to
cross to get to the base is situated in
such a place that makes security quite
easy to maintain exactly what is the
government hiding at area 51 what
projects could possibly require such
intense security the answer remains one
of America’s biggest mysteries the
absence of information is the most
intriguing and titillating thing
possible in the information age
speculation about the secret work being
conducted there has become a cottage
industry now you’ve got the conspiracy
nuts out there who say that it’s the
headquarters for the New World Order
you’ve got the hopelessly gullible
saucer nuts who say that there are
underground bases and huge vats where
where our military and is cooperating
with aliens to build these hybrids you
got some of these folks who say this is
where the milk carton kids are all taken
away for horrible medical experiments
all sorts of people have all put their
own veneer on area51
the government’s continuous refusal to
acknowledge the existence of a research
facility at Groom Lake naturally
intensifies public interest if they had
said yeah we’ve got a base out here
yeah it’s called area 51 we’ve got some
secret programs we need the secrecy for
purposes of national security
they wouldn’t have half the level of
interest from the public and all these
crazies that they have now and instead
they’ve denied that the base existed
they deny that it has that name they’ve
denied what programs are out there they
wouldn’t even say what agency controls
the base and that is all fed the myth
machine at area 51
separating myth from reality is
extremely difficult
what we do know comes from former
employees Declassified government
documents and tenacious researchers
central Nevada may not be fit for man
nor beast but it’s just right for
testing nuclear warheads and on February
2nd 1951 the Atomic Energy Commission
detonates an atom bomb 30 miles
southwest of groom Lake now the newly
established 200 square mile area called
the Nevada Test Site when the Nevada
Test Site was set up it was divided into
areas and there’s no apparent logic to
the deployment of the numbers on the map
with these different areas but area 51
was the number given to the one at the
upper northwest corner that included the
groom dry weight between 1951 and 1954
area 51 is just another uninhabited
patch of desert on the grid of the
Nevada Test Site to understand how it
comes to be the site of the world’s most
secret military base requires a side
trip to Burbank California in the 1950s
the hangars and test facilities around
the Burbank Airport belong to Lockheed
the nation’s largest aircraft contractor
what the average American citizen
doesn’t know is that deep within
Lockheed is a secret testing facility
known as skunk works it is under the
direction of aviation pioneer Kelly
Kelly Johnson is probably the most
brilliant aerodynamic engineer in the
history of the United States Johnson and
his skunk works team have a reputation
for not only building state-of-the-art
but for doing it quickly cheaply and
quietly this is why the government comes
to Johnson first in the summer of 1954
the Cold War needs a hot secret weapon
the CIA came with this dramatic and
immediate brief we need an airplane that
can fly over the Soviet Union see what
they’re doing in the way of bombers and
missiles and nuclear weapons because
there were not yet spy satellites of
course Kelly Johnson’s answer is to
design the u2 a long-range jet aircraft
that can fly at 70,000 feet above the
reach of radar work begins in the winter
of 1954 on the new plane eight months
later Johnson’s u2 was ready for a test
flight up until that time he had tested
all the aircraft up at Edwards and it
was clear that if this thing was going
to be as secret as it had to be to work
they were gonna have to find somewhere
even more hidden away to test it
Kelly Johnson along with test pilot Tony
La fiere heads east to search for a new
site flying over groom Mountain the men
spot a large dry lakebed reminiscent of
their edwards test site the fact that it
has been bathed in atomic bomb fallout
for more than four years is only seen as
a plus the idea was that they needed
somewhere far from prying eyes to test
this by play where better but the Nevada
nuclear test site where no one in their
right mind would venture when we
continued cover stories and a pattern of
denial becomes standard operating
procedure at area 51
area 51 Boone Lake dreamland the
government super-secret testing facility
in the Nevada desert will go by many
names the names this place had were
almost like religious terms been rich it
was the head of the Lockheed skunkworks
told me that he legally could not say
the words groom Lake or area 51 on July
14th 1955 the first YouTube prototype is
shipped from Burbank to area 51 the u-2
spy plane was at first disguised as a
weather plane three weeks later it’s
ready to fly and the government has its
cover story in place a phony press
release is issued as far as the
government is concerned
area 51 does not exist and neither do
its employees one man who had worked out
at a room like describe to me the whole
secrecy experiences being like a LED
overcoat it was it was a constant weight
it was a weight of not being able to
tell your
family what you did two weeks after the
first you to test flight on August 19
1955 president dwight d Eisenhower signs
executive order one zero six three three
restricting for the first time the
airspace over moon Lake and to further
protect the skunkworks operations a
public land otter is signed on June 20th
1958 making the sixty square miles
around the groom lake officially
non-existent it is not very effective
however in keeping the you to a secret
from the Soviet Union who have spies at
the Turkish military installation where
the u2 is based the Russians very
quickly became aware that the aircraft
were up there but it became a question
of cat-and-mouse
the operation was deniable until the
russians could shoot down a u2 and
that’s what eventually happened on May
1st 1960 pilot Francis Gary Powers you
to be shot down over the Soviet Union
President Eisenhower denied that it was
a spy plane but as the facts of the
matter emerged it was clear that this
was something the American people had
been kept in the dark about for years
and it was not only important in the
history of the Cold War because it’s
scuttled an important summit conference
that was about to begin but it was one
of the first episodes where the American
people knew they had been lied to by
their government
the government’s response to revelations
about the u2 is not to come clean but to
make the testing facility at Groom Lake
even more secure even more secret what
it doesn’t want anyone to find out is
that area 51 is already building its
next top-secret aircraft the CIA
launched a program for a replacement
that would not only be very high flying
but would also be very fast and the
extent that that was possible would be
hard to detect on radar on January 15th
1962 the air force requests that the
restricted airspace over ghoul Lake be
quadrupled three months later the
top-secret a 12 makes its first test
flight this is one of the most
astonishing technological feats in
history it’s still a plane that looks
like it comes out of the next century
even though if first flew in
the early 60s but like the YouTube the
a12 doesn’t stay secret for very long in
the election year of 1964 President
Lyndon Johnson reveals the existence of
the Blackbird to the American public
he said the aircraft were being tested
at edwards which of course i well there
was now a 12 at Edwards and the never
had been when the press is invited to
Edwards for the a12 unveiling the secret
machine inside area 51 has to do some
fancy footwork to a12 are very hastily
flown to Edwards but they came across a
moth tree and they landed they were
still hot from aerodynamic heating but
in order to keep them out of sight they
were ushered very quickly into a hangar
whereupon the sprinkler system went off
and drenched all the guests waiting
Fiera planes to arrive while the nation
gorks at the a12 designers at area 51
are already busy planning its successor
the sr-71 blackbird as the SRS came
along the base was greatly expanded new
hangars were built new fuel tanks were
installed with newer larger facilities
come many significant changes in the
history of area 51 any designation of
area 51 per se or a test facility at
groom dry light were left off all the
government Maps it was also left out of
these government satellite imagery
databases that were on the internet so
that means that someone had the highest
clearance in the government couldn’t
even look at Groom Lake it was so secret
in 1967 the government policy of
creating cover stories changes to one of
absolute denial 1967 is also the year
the Air Force captures its first Soviet
MIG 17 and ships it to area 51 in the
following years more MiG’s and other
enemy aircraft will
all activities at Groom Lake now begin
to descend out of historical fact and
into speculation in 1968 area 51 is
wrapped up in its ultimate security
blanket everything on in and over the
base gets a special designation black
project some of these programs are
called unacknowledged and what that
means is that the existence of the
program and its purpose are secret and
that’s what makes them black they don’t
officially exist even the people working
inside area 51 are kept in the dark
about exactly what their facility is
doing for instance there would be
simultaneous projects going on inside
area 51 when one plane produced by one
project was rolled out for testing the
guys working on the project in the
hangar next door would all have to go
inside funding for the black projects in
area 51 comes out of a secret pool of
taxpayer dollars known as the black
it’s uncontrolled money at this point we
figure it’s about thirty billion dollars
a year it’s a lot easier for people to
get away with a lot larger spending more
wasteful spending perhaps without the
same sort of scrutiny that goes on
around the rest of the government and no
matter what the cost it is believed that
only a third of the money in the black
budget goes into the actual projects
themselves the rest is spent on keeping
the secrets secret
there’s no easy rule of thumb on how
much keeping a program in the black as
they say adds to it but it is a factor
of several times there’s a tremendous
cost of security background checks
they’re the geographical transport costs
getting things out into the middle of
nowhere and then they’re the costs of
patrolling not only the physical edges
of these facilities but patrolling the
lives of those who work there because of
its black designation after 1968 we know
nothing for certain
about what is being developed at Groom
Lake we know there are programs out
there it’s a question of assigning a
identity tooth
that’s whether the sheer size of the
black budget makes difficult there’s all
sorts of things could have been done at
them when we continue a former
government employee reveals the contents
of alleged area 51 briefing papers
basically I looked at the pictures of
to say there were pictures of what a
dead aliens in the 1970s and 1980s the
secret test facility at Groom Lake
operates in total obscurity its
activities known only to the people
inside area 51 and they are sworn to
secrecy the test pilots we’re doing
something that was at the top of their
profession they were setting new speed
altitude records almost daily and yet
they couldn’t tell anyone we couldn’t
tell their wives they can tell the
Guinness Book of World Records even now
we know very little about the black
projects developing there and the few
facts we do know come out in strange
ways for instance there was an airplane
called tacit blue which flew around the
same time as the early stealth
prototypes the military denied the
existence of this craft for years and
years then all of a sudden they
announced it was going to be brought to
the Air Force Museum in hindsight we
also know that in the late 1970’s and
early 1980s area 51 tests and perfects
the technology known as stealth
the Air Force aren’t quite rightly
didn’t even want to give anybody a clue
of how far they were going in terms of
stone because that would have allowed
people to make some preparations to
detect these aircraft
the few aware of area 51 fall into two
groups aviation buffs who speculate
about the outer limits of aircraft
technology and a handful of UFO
enthusiasts who believe that area 51 is
the successor to hangar 18 the infamous
location where the supposed debris from
the Roswell saucer crash of July 1947 is
being stored story started bubbling up
about UFOs in area 51 back in the 70s
and really started going in the mid 80s
with the man named John Lear who started
putting out some very very outlandish
tales I mean he’s a guy who’s really
credible a long ways Air Force pilot
some of the Learjet developer sharp guy
so that made people kind of prick up
their ears but lear’s tales of flying
saucers at Groom Lake remain on the
fringes of area 51 lore then in May 1989
a television station in Las Vegas
broadcasts a series of interviews that
changes the imaginary landscape of area
51 forever well for better for worse I
think a lot of the blame or credit goes
to myself and klas TV because although
there had been stories here and there
about area 51 before we did our series
after that it went everywhere and it
became a household name all over the
world you get off the bus what you see
very interesting building it’s got a
slope of probably about 30 degrees the
the man being interviewed is Bob Lazar
and what he is describing is a secret
testing facility near area 51 called s4
Lazar knows this place he claims because
he worked there little reports in in
blue covers that are stacked up on a
table i sat down in a room and I just
glanced through all of them and
I that they said they only gave me 20
some-odd minutes just to thumb through
these things I think they just stuck me
in the room to keep me busy for a minute
but there were some really shocking
things in the reports there were reports
of Joe daily and cadavers look like I
spoke about before antimatter reactors
technology that doesn’t exist let’s take
them one at a time report on alien
cadavers their autopsy reports I mean I
didn’t look completely read them because
I didn’t have time and as soon as I got
into some interesting things I wanted to
get through these really quickly because
I know I don’t have much time
basically I looked at the pictures in
him to save time there were pictures of
what the dead aliens Lazar not only has
an incredible story to tell he also
appears to have the credentials to back
up his claims Lazar also has proof that
he once worked at another top-secret
testing facility in Los Alamos New
Mexico we took him to a couple of
polygraph examiner’s the first one was
the second one said there was no
question that he was telling the truth
how did he pass that he knows about the
inner workings of the base because I was
a guy I know who worked out there who
put him through his paces asked him a
bunch of questions not where do they
store the flying saucers but things like
where’s the cafeteria how do you pay for
your meals what color is it inside that
sort of thing and he passed how did he
know it’s enough to convince a lot of
people that Lazar is telling the truth
and the more he is interviewed the more
he tell
believe it or not that was not the most
shocking thing to me
great okay now and you know next and
began to dig blue what was name well the
technology part the drive on the flying
saucers the flying discs how they
operated the power source forum I really
dived into that most deeply and spent
most of my time on that we could see the
power source is an antimatter reactor
they run gravity amplifiers but perhaps
the most compelling part of Bob
lazarre’s remarkable story is that he
says he knows exactly when and where
these extraterrestrial craft can be seen
for one month in 1989 Lazar leads
expeditions out to a black mailbox just
off highway 375 near the tiny town of
Rachel Nevada as if on cue strange discs
begin hovering in the distance inside
we’ve got videotape of things that look
very much like flying saucers we’ve got
the witnesses who say they’ve seen them
if this is a secret government program
and it’s been developed since the 50s
where the hell is the Lazar sightings
put area 51 in the town of Rachel on the
map it is the right story at the right
there’s a country we didn’t believe what
our government told us there was a poll
that said more people believed in UFOs
and believed they would get their money
out of Social Security system which I
thought was indicative a struggling bar
and grill and Rachel is renamed the
little alien and becomes the de facto
gathering place for newborn UFO
enthusiasts from around the world Lazar
could have been ordered up by the Nevada
tourist board he brought so many people
into the area in fact the the governor
of the state of Nevada drove up to
Rachel Nevada on highway 375 and in
tandem with the producers of the film
Independence Day officially dedicated
that highway is the extra-terrestrial
Highway the black mailbox becomes so
much of an attraction that the owner of
the box
ranchers steve medlin has to paint it
white and padlock it to keep people from
stealing his mail
it’s not like Stonehenge or anything
like that but some people revere this
thing to the point that to come here and
to be with the bail box and to sign the
mailbox basically completes the whole
reason for their trips but even in the
midst of the UFO boom not all the UFO
believers are convinced that Bob Lazar
is telling the truth
we had enough information that he made
many people believe he might be a
disinformation agent they plan to throw
attention away from the real secret
projects that were going on if it was a
setup of some sort to divert attention
away from something else going on out
there as many people claimed it was a
miserable failure because the result has
been the tens of thousands of people
from all over the world have trekked out
there to see whatever it is that’s
flying around in the sky when we
continue intense public interest marks
the beginning of the end for many of the
secrets within area 51 it is going to be
a lot more difficult for security
managers to keep what’s going on in
homeland secret in the early 1990s with
the area 51 boom in full swing the piece
of public land with the best view of the
secret facility is a place called
Freedom Ridge 12 miles east of the gloom
Lake complex from Freedom Ridge patience
sky watchers camping out for days on end
are treated to a tantalizing show of
strange shapes and lights in the sky
I’ve seen a double Delta aircraft that
is unidentifiable I’ve seen a large
diamond shape aircraft I’m seeing a
small Batmobile shape thing it looks
like a baby bee – seen some drones I
don’t believe it is just airplanes
there’s too many people that have seen
and heard things I think alien beings
have been with us forever and I think
they’re working side by side with our
government on this test side it was
interesting how tech lore and folklore
graded into one another and how there
seemed and even the nerdiest techno geek
to be a desire for some kind of exciting
almost spiritual experience out there
eventually Bob Lazar tires of what he
perceives to be near hysteria
surrounding area 51 and stops talking
about the subject altogether in reaction
to the outlandish theories of UFO
believers aviation and technology buffs
including mark farmer and Bill Sweetman
form an organization called the
interceptors the interceptors exchanged
information had camp outs and tried to
go the airforce a little bit I referred
to them at times is the D Central
Intelligence Agency if we have an icon
as interceptors it’s the launch air and
it’s men in lawn chairs out here in the
desert sitting for days for really no
good reason that has caused the
government to basically change the rules
of engagement out here they were able to
find an amazing amount of information
looking at budget documents going to
places and taking pictures all these
small bits and pieces of information by
themselves are not classified but the
mosaic we’ve been able to produce as
interceptors it’s highly classified and
the government doesn’t like that I don’t
blame them a bit on October 18th 1993
the Air Force demonstrates its
disapproval by closing off an additional
three thousand nine hundred and seventy
two acres around groom Lake from public
use the new secured area includes
freedom rich although closing off
freedom Ridge makes it easier to keep
prying eyes away from area 51 it
ultimately fans the flames of suspicion
yeah I think it’s no coincidence that it
did happen in a period when people were
suspicious ago when the Cold War had
just ended and yet there was continuing
what could the Air Force be being so
secret about the cause for truth in area
51 is given a tremendous boost in 1996
when the respected Federation of
American scientists initiates a program
called public eye for the most part the
American public never gets an
appreciation of what they’re paying for
or what they’re doing and what we’re
trying to do is sort of keep the policy
the government policy community and the
intelligence community honest and one of
the ways the Federation achieves its
gold is by hiring a private satellite
space imaging zico no satellite to snap
their own pictures of area 51 our
intention for ordering the image of area
51 was really to see whether we would
get the image in the first place and to
shed more light on what the government
is doing there we can point cameras at
even the most sensitive US government
facilities with impunity and which means
that we can point our cameras anywhere
else in the world the images don’t
display alien bodies or flying saucers
as some hope but they do provide the
public with the most detailed images
ever taken of area 51
now with the proliferation of more
high-resolution satellites it is going
to be a lot more difficult for security
managers to keep what’s going on a cream
like a secret as the aviation experts
see it what the government is hiding
continues to be what they’ve always
hidden they’re the government’s most
cutting-edge aircraft technology I think
you’d see for example tailless aircraft
I’ll show this somewhat going on in
terms of visual stealth probably the
greatest piece of gee-whiz work that’s
going on out there is that we built a
space plane
it’s suborbital and takes off under its
own power and you could figure that once
you have a target once you’ve figured
out where you need to go this thing
could respond and be to where it needs
to be within an hour anywhere on the
planet back at the little alien in
Reichle there are still those who cling
firmly to the belief that government
waste and space planes are only the tip
of the area51 iceberg I’ve had from
several different sources have said that
anything that is above ground in this
facility over here there’s 10 times are
more than that underground I’ve actually
been told there are six different beings
on our test site the large and the small
no gray the humanoid the orange the blue
and the reptile in some ways the
government invited the alien obsession
at area 51 it was a helpful distraction
the irony at area 51 is that the
greatest danger at that facility
didn’t come from aliens and it didn’t
come from foreign powers the greatest
danger to those workers came from the
United States government
to understand the real danger that area
51 is hiding requires a step back in
time back to strangely enough 1989 while
Bob Lazar is capturing national
headlines with extraterrestrial tales
about area 51 a man named Robert Frost
is suffering from a mysterious illness
if scale was turned up your office
entire phase and develop boosters and
sores all over his body the skin kept
peeling off to a point where it was
everyday and he’d have to wash it off
with a washcloth about every hour or so
it was Amy mr. scaly like a fish
he said his face was on fire and his
eyes were burning and he just ran right
through the house and ran to the
bathroom they start throwing cold water
all over his head and he couldn’t stand
the pain in 1989 Robert Frost is a
sheetmetal worker at area 51 he is just
one of the hundreds of nameless faceless
people who commute daily from their
homes to the job site via unmarked 737s
that take off from a secured hangar at
Las Vegas is McCarran International
Airport on board the half hour flight
are the people who keep the secrets at
area 51 and a lot of them are getting
just as sick as Robert Frost
many of these guys developed a fish-like
scale that could cover much of their
body and would crack and bleed
Robert Frost had this condition more
severely than most and his guys tried to
help him as much as they could and when
Robert died it put
a real chill through the base when the
workers go to their doctors they are
told they have a form of toxic poisoning
that can only be treated if the specific
poisons are known supervisors at area 51
refused to disclose what those poisons
are or to release information from
Robert Frost autopsy report it’s a hell
of a thing to lose a friend and have the
government say there’s not a bloody
thing you can do about it because this
place doesn’t exist and frankly you
don’t exist well they did exist they’re
American citizens and so they sued and
they prove that they existed when we
continue what lawyers found when they
went searching for the secret dangers
hidden that area 51 private citizens
have gone to jail for violations that
are a fraction of what occurred at area
51 in 1992 lawyer Jonathan Turley is
contacted by several area 51 employees
who are suffering from a debilitating
illness now is the first lawyer the most
of them had talked to these are not the
type of people who look to lawyers in
the course to resolve the problems these
are very patriotic people they were put
at area 51 for a reason and things had
to get very very bad for them to seek
help they decided that what was
happening at area 51 was a greater
danger to the American people and what
they were trying to defend against
that’s a pretty awful point the reach
the workers aren’t seeking money or
punitive damages from the government
they just want to know why Robert Frost
is dead and if they’re going to die too
they didn’t come to the government with
these medical problems saying we want
big cash settlements they just wanted to
know what they’d been exposed to these
workers were coming down with classic
symptoms of exposure to hazardous waste
what made it an almost impossible case
was where they were exposed
fearing severe reprisals from the
government that has sworn them to
area 51 workers are listed on court
documents as john doe’s one through six
Turley’s meetings with the john doe’s
are held in secret locations and so you
would sit in a garage with a man who was
dying who had to get out of his bed so
that he wouldn’t cause difficulty for
his family if the government saw him or
found out he was one of the john doe’s
can you sit there and you think what’s
wrong with this picture
and this man was hiding from his
government because he had the audacity
to bring forth violations including
criminal violations committed in his
presence what Jonathan Turley learns
from the john doe’s is that not only is
area51 the nation’s most secret base
it’s also America’s most secret toxic
waste dumping ground area 51 faced a
problem they couldn’t ship out hazardous
waste from place it didn’t exist so they
started to burn the waste and the
trenches and pit started getting bigger
and bigger soon they were digging
football-field-sized trenches filling
them with 55-gallon drums of waste
dousing them with air fuel and then
setting them alight with a flare but
there’s a reason why burning hazardous
waste is a crime and the reason is that
most hazardous waste is more dangerous
when you burn it because there’s an
easier way to enter the human body now
genius of the military they dug these
trenches on the wind receiving side of
the base so the wind would blow acutely
hazardous waste throughout the base
that’s why the workers called it London
Fog and when they complained they were
told that it’s basically our way or the
they were told that area 51 was a place
that was so secret that federal law
didn’t apply there and it shouldn’t be
much of a surprise that when you have a
place where most anything can occur most
anything does secrecy is something that
we need in government clearly but it is
a very dangerous thing as well it’s very
easy to use secrecy not just to hide
from the enemy but to hide from friends
Congress citizens whatever and the
burning of toxic waste was a perfect
metaphor for the abuses of secrecy that
happened insider and 51 it takes three
years for the workers at area 51 to get
their first day in court in 1995 there
was something almost fellini-esque
about the case I mean we would stand in
court and the government would deny the
existence of a base that you could see
from public lands I could drive the
judge to the base and point at the
bloody thing but here we were debating
with the United States government
whether it would exist or not
and while thoroughly debates the
existence of a non-existent base one of
john doe’s dies its wall-e Kaza the man
who replaced
Robert Frost as Foreman at points that
were statements made by the government
that left you laughing and they would be
enormous ly funny if you didn’t have two
dead clients eventually Turley does get
the government to admit that there is a
secret testing facility at Moon Lake but
to this day they deny that it is called
area 51 and the ninth US Circuit Court
of Appeals rules that the workers or
their widows are not entitled to learn
what hazardous substances exist at the
secret facility the ruling is based in
part on presidential determination
number 95 – 45 in which President
Clinton exempts the Air Force operating
location near Groom Lake Nevada from all
federal environmental laws
for several years the president has
signed a letter saying that it was quote
of the paramount national interest that
area 51 remained secret and that it
remained outside the reach of discovery
of court suits on behalf of workers the
government claimed that simply
acknowledging that it is hazardous waste
would put American lives at risk well
obviously that’s facially absurd and it
wasn’t done for national security it was
done for the oldest reason in in law it
was to hide misconduct in crimes crimes
that may have killed two people
although the John Doe suit does not
allow workers at area 51 to know what
they’ve been exposed to it does mandate
that future workers will not suffer the
same fate we forced the first inspection
of a black facility the first commitment
to future compliance of a black facility
we forced them to acknowledge the
existence of the base we did a lot of
things for the first time in area 51 but
you know it really didn’t feel like a
point of celebration because there were
people that were not around to see it
and despite everyone’s best efforts in
the end the whole truth about area 51 is
still a mystery
tremendous things have happened out
there that will probably never be told
and in some respects makes me sad is
some day what happened at area 51 will
be made public I truly believe that and
the public will be shocked about what
was done in their name
when I began to get
myself together I had met by this time
other people who had had similar
experiences I began to ask myself what
did they want from me I speculated about
whether or not what seemed like a
psychic attack could have been warnings
I have remembered more and more not only
the vision of the apocalypse but other
warnings and and consistent warnings not
only to me but across the whole
community of people who have had this
experience a lot of them get the same
warnings that we’re in trouble that our
environment is in trouble so I’m not
alone in that and I that has become a
really a central feature of my current
in March of 1986 I had what was a
seminal moment of change for me in this
Oh God
after it became clear to them that I was
trying to engage with them they began to
respond in various ways it was the most
extraordinary experience I’ve ever had
I remember seeing a bright blue light
come under the door I said okay let’s do
it I just want to get to the bottom of
they had no idea what I was in for
in March of 1986 I had what was a
seminal moment of change for me in this
the sensation I felt when I tried to
move on that night it was like I was
being impeded by something really slowed
you down like a thick tar or something
when they are there you have a feeling
that is almost impossible to describe I
was terrified but I sort of forced a
grin on my face and tried to smile
I couldn’t smile very well I wanted to
try to show them that I was not
dangerous that I was something that that
I wanted to know more and there was a
change then after it became clear to
them that I was trying to engage with
them they began to respond in various
ways you’re trying to build a bridge I
I think that was the first moment when
there was any kind of real exchange I
wouldn’t say that all this is definite
aliens I would say that it was real and
that we don’t know but it was that that
I am quite certain
the public reaction to my book communion
was very complex literally as soon as
the book was published letters that week
literally the week of publication
letters started you got more letters we
had well over 200,000 letters over the
years we probably had closer to 500,000
over the years I don’t know what to say
to them anyway I don’t have all the
answers maybe just understanding the
questions enough after I began to read
them I realized there’s something
happening on planet earth that we do not
acknowledge we don’t know what it is is
it aliens is this something to do with
us and something about the way we are
that we don’t yet understand I don’t
know but it’s real in the late summer of
1994 it became clear that we were
running out of money we began to not be
able to pay our mortgage and it became
clear we had to leave and so at the same
time though that this was happening I
was having the one of the peak
experiences of the whole thing I’d begun
meditating in the cabin because people
had found the place and there were other
people out in the woods at night looking
for the aliens would with flashing
flashlights up in the air and such
childish stuff and I so I meditated and
I stayed in the house and meditated from
then on I do really want to be disturbed
by that and one night there were these
thuds on the roof right above me the
next moment I could feel a presence in
the room
at this point these years later I was
easy with their presence in the house I
wasn’t scared of them and I finally said
I want to see you as you really are
and I didn’t see anything and so I said
well this is it I’m leaving this room
now and I’m leaving it forever I will
never return to it because tomorrow we
leave and we’re leaving forever and I
left the room I went to bed I lay in the
bed still hoping something would happen
suddenly I saw a light light up in the
front yard it was a bright beautiful
white light shining on the grass like
moonlight but ten times brighter I got
up and looked out the window and this
white with rays coming out of it and the
Rays penetrated my body some of them and
I could like taste his presence in the
Rays it was the most extraordinarily
beautiful experience I’ve ever had
the next morning we left the cabin and
the experiences have never been like
that since people who don’t have open
minds and are dismissive of all of this
miss out on one of the most wonderful
frightening dangerous beautiful things
that you can know
I did not ask for this I did not know
about it I did not expect I did not want
it that’s for sure but it burst into my
life without warning and it’s never left
me since take from this what you will
this does happen to me it has been
happening to me all my life and you
don’t have to believe because I know the
truth my earliest memories of being
abducted by aliens were when I was very
five six years old I was living in an
Ohio and it was kind of in the middle of
nowhere our nearest neighbor was a mile
or two away there was you know nothing
for miles I would be in my bed usually I
would hear voices coming down the
hallway the voices were of my parents so
I got comfortable thinking it was my
parents I remember seeing a bright blue
light come under the door and shadows
actually something standing outside the
and I realized that it was not my
parents coming in
when they got close and see those black
almond-shaped eyes just staring right at
the motionless eyes just looking at me
and they would extend their hand and I
would grab it as if I was really
comfortable with them and had done this
many times before and they often would
let me take my favorite stuffed animal
with me as a child I didn’t realize that
these beings didn’t visit everybody at
night I thought when people went to bed
that bald man would come for everybody
and it was just a normal thing
I decided I would draw them and write
down things that I could remember
I was always into art so I really
started to try to draw them as best as I
could the bother your old man my friends
we come visit your friend it didn’t
start to get uncomfortable until I
started talking about the bald men to
other people whether it be classmates or
family members and they just said that
it’s not real there’s no such thing
you’re just dreaming it was very
frustrating being told that this wasn’t
happening when I knew it was
okay Audrey I need you to relax as an
adult I would remember bits and pieces
I remember them coming in I remember
them doing something to me so I couldn’t
I remember them bringing me somewhere
else being other places but the things I
didn’t remember were what were they
doing to me when they took me and I said
okay I need to find people that could
maybe help me close your eyes
take a deep breath regression was a
great tool to bring back the missing
the memories we’re gonna focus on a room
didn’t even think about it
didn’t get educated on it said okay I’m
gonna get hypnotized let’s do it I just
want to get to the bottom of this it’s a
basement you’re gonna walk down the
stairs and in the back of my mind I’m
thinking this isn’t gonna work
you know those memories are gone I’m
never gonna remember what’s happening I
didn’t know anything about it I had no
idea what I was in for three two one I
do tell me what you see
what you see
my first hypnosis session was the most
traumatic experience that I think I’ve
ever had in my life
I wasn’t ready I think to to see what
they were doing I wasn’t ready to accept
the bald men were just terrifying to
look at
the people that wanted to help me you
know they did this wonderful hypnosis
session they got all this you know
detail that counts what’s going on and
this was great stuff but I never came
back for a long time I just left I
didn’t want to think about it they gave
me copy of the table I never listened to
it to this day I try to forget and I
just ran from it for a long time I
started to live in denial that it was
even happening until they came for me
I was just getting ready to go to bed my
window was open and all of a sudden I
started hearing the shade flapping I saw
I was sitting there and I had the
feeling that they were coming and I call
it the heebie-jeebies I get it and it’s
like a pure state of panic anxiety but
at the same time almost like I feel like
I’m magnetically attracting something to
me I just I can’t explain it but it is
some kind of attraction we got under the
covers like I had as a child for so many
years thinking that that would help
and I don’t know something kind of
snapped inside me and I sitting on I
want to see what’s coming and what has
been coming for me for so long so I
didn’t hide under my covers this time
and as i sat there waiting after the
wind came the lights and the humming
I woke up at a time I wasn’t supposed to
wake up
as I grabbed him I heard watch out for
the month
once the light came into my window I
knew that it wouldn’t be long I started
to feel twitching in my body and my arms
moving by themselves like muscle spasms
almost and then buzzing sounds real
steady it was a kind of fear I can’t
even explain total confusion anger what
are you doing and then of course why
I tried to scream so somebody could hear
me and maybe help me and I couldn’t it
was no sound that we come out for some
reason I started until I say I’m gonna
fight this I’m not letting them take me
as I grabbed him I heard in my head
watch out for the mother and then I let
go I felt something
stick me and it was a burning sensation
instantly to a point where if I moved
any muscle it was like my whole body was
on fire it’s weird because they kind of
position you the way they want almost
like they can do it with their mind once
you can’t move they can move you so as I
was levitated off the bed and I feel
myself moving straight ahead and I knew
straight ahead my dresser was there with
a mirror and it’s backed up against the
wall I realized that I was going right
through and I could see my feet go right
through the mirror
I realized that I’m outside and it was
really really bright I looked up and I
saw the ship lights and they started to
lift me towards this just enormous craft
above my house it was terrifying
confusing you know surreal like this
can’t be happening to me
and I went close to the ship
and that was the last thing I remember
and then I just blacked out
all of a sudden I was awake and aware I
noticed a man walking around me and I
looked at him and he looked at me he’s
felt familiar to me
for some reason he touched me and was no
longer a man at this point I asked it
and when I say asked that it’s
completely telepathic and you somehow
know who it’s coming from and even if
there’s a group of them find it I asked
you know after all these years or why
are you doing this there and he said
that they were working on altering my
DNA when he was talking to me he
actually cared and that was a feeling
that was really confusing because of
course you know if you care why do you
use me if you care why you’re doing this
but then I got to ask him and he said
what he was doing this was like a
breakthrough I got to talk to him and
you know it’s been years it’s almost
like that first question that I got to
ask was just the beginning
there was a machine was strange-looking
but I knew it was some kind of a plot
and it was counting backwards I grow the
words war and then just blacked out
that’s all I remember until uh you know
I woke up at some point I don’t know how
long it was what I regained
consciousness I’m still on the table and
they’re doing something to me
they had a machine that actually
physically came and removed my eye and
when they moved the eye out I noticed
that there was something coming to where
my eye had been into the socket this big
long needle they put it into the eye
socket did something
the next thing I recall after seeing my
eye getting removed was just being back
in my room the whole time I’m coming out
of whatever they do to me I would
remember bits and pieces I scrambled to
my journal and I wrote down what I
I don’t usually even look at my journal
because it does tend to bring back a lot
of the fear and the emotions and in all
sometimes it’s meant to be forgotten for
a good reason
years later I’ve started to have
physical problems from it and actually
had to you know undergo various
surgeries because of unexplained
scarring in my tubes and ovaries and
uterus there was just generalists
the doctors didn’t know what it was from
there’s just scarring in there I never
told the doctors of what I knew it was
from it’s not something that you can say
oh hey Doc you know this is what’s going
on especially back then
I had this time in my life where I just
kept happening and happening and
happening and it really picked up for a
couple years this encounter started as
it always does
what I woke up there was there was a one
of the race standing at the foot of my
bed and I saw him there and then just
blacked out completely as I wake up this
time after I blacked out I was in a
strange strange place I realized that I
was in a cocoon surrounded in gel I
started to panic more the greys realized
I was awake hurried over to me I
remember seeing the needle coming at me
was a fear I came and explained
I realized that I was in a cocoon
surrounded in gel I looked through the
gel and the cocoon I’m looking out and
into the room and I noticed that there’s
there’s some greys in there and who tell
exactly what they were doing but I was
distracted by a small girl um looked
like a small child but it was what
appeared to be a hybrid of a human and a
grey alien she was really strange she
wasn’t dressed in the same clothes that
Grey’s weird she was dressed like it was
some old-fashioned clothes maybe 1800s
it was confusing it was almost you know
surreal as I was looking at her she
looked at me and I felt almost like a
kind of connection with this child and
she came right up to me I was a not just
an interest it was a connection all the
deep connection and it felt a
familiarity with her
the Rays realized I was awake hurried
over to me and I remember seeing a
needle coming at me and right through
the cocoon and then I just blacked out
and she’s just always had a place in my
heart I guess for you know from the
experiences I always remember that that
child it’s like they’re preparing us for
something that’s going to happen in the
future to mankind it’s a it’s a
preparation of sort there’s areas of the
brain that we all know we don’t use they
could be storing the information there
they said that well when the time comes
we will act and know exactly what to do
um whatever is going to happen I think
that as abductees they’re being prepared
to assist others with whatever changes
is coming to this planet
I try sometimes to say okay this is all
in my head and I continue and then
something will happen that reminds me
that is very good I’ve had times where I
just step back they’ll go okay I’m gonna
just you know join the human race and
just do normal things this is not
happening to me
but they won’t let me can’t say that I
would have chosen this if I had you know
had a choice but for whatever reason I’m
going through this and it’s not my
imagination I’ve had a lot of time to
think about what they did and how angry
I was but if they were really going to
do it to hurt me then why would they
take the memories away why would they
care you know why would they care they
would just let me remember I think that
literally everybody is afraid of us I
think it happens too far more people
than remember it at all
I see it
as a part of the human experience that
we cannot knowledge most skeptics and
people that don’t believe are probably
the ones that believe the most
people are eager to reject the things
I’ve written about and they are so
scared of it that they have to put it
out there that it’s not happening but
when they
in space, at night I think they really
know that there’s not a chance that was
the only species here on in this
the universe and it’s an unknown that every
a single one of our senses is there and I
know that the population of people are
being able to start talking about it
it’s like there’s a worldwide awakening
is happening right now but there is
something happening on this earth to
human beings that is powerful and real
and that we either don’t or can’t
acknowledge even to this day we don’t
believe now

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