Decoding The Universe (Matter & Antimatter) All Information

For the eyes of the world now look into
space to the moon and to the planets
beyond and we have vowed that we shall
not see it governed by a hostile flag of
conquest but by a banner of freedom and
peace we avow that we shall not see
space filled with weapons of mass
destruction but with instruments of
knowledge and understanding for space
science like nuclear science and all
technology has no conscience of its own
whether it will become a force for good
or ill depends on man
but I do say that space can be explored
and nested without feeding the fires of
war without repeating the mistakes that
man is made and extending his writ
around this globe of ours we choose to
go to the moon in this decade and do the
other things not because they are easy
but because they are hard
when it comes to understanding the
universe we are only beginning
humankind continually searches for
patterns trying to figure out what is
the universe made of how does it work
how does our planet our solar system our
galaxy fit in with the other pieces and
what don’t we know yet
helping us discover more pieces of the
puzzle will be a new instrument onboard
the International Space Station called
the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer or AMS
AMS is not a telescope rather than
looking at space it will sift through
space studying the high-energy particles
of cosmic rays from the unique vantage
point of Earth orbit the AMS experiment
has the potential to answer questions
about the origins of our universe the
study of high-energy particles might
help in the search for dark matter and
antimatter in the universe Nobel
prize-winning scientist professor Samuel
ting well-known for groundbreaking
particle physics work on earth has
collaborated with an international team
to create the Alpha Magnetic
Spectrometer a high-energy particle
detector that takes particles science
into space with over 300,000 data
channels for detection and over 600
on-board micro processors to analyze the
data the AMS is sponsored by the
department of energy and scientists from
16 countries lent their expertise to
create it parts from around the world
were sent to CERN the European
Organization for Nuclear Research in
Geneva Switzerland NASA had the job to
figure out how to get the 15,000 pound
experiment into Earth orbit and have it
operate in the hostile environment of
the AMS was finally sent to the Kennedy
Space Center where it was ready to fly
on board a space shuttle
the final large component of the space
station to be sent on one of the last
shuttle flights part of the shuttle crew
is European Space Agency astronaut
Roberto Vittori
who will operate the shuttle arm to
grasp the AMS from the shuttle payload
Bay that means that I will have the
responsibility with the shuttle robotic
arm to take it from the hello Bay and
offer to the station but behind that
specific operational task there is a
very long history I started about 20-25
years ago to study physics to think
about space to think about the universe
and the specific of the search of the
antimatter was one of my main and deep
interest it may appear as a very strange
coincidence that today I will be the one
to take this unique piece of artwork
take it from the bay of the shuttle and
give it to install on the on the station
for the AMS there are many benefits to
having a fully functional Space Station
as your home so AMS weighs 15,000 300
most of that is science experiments we
do not have to carry our own power we do
not have to carry our own data systems
to transmit that data back to earth
because all of those systems are
provided to us by the space station it’s
a perfect example of how you can utilize
the the capabilities of the
International Space Station to fly
groundbreaking science experiments so
how exactly does the AMS work one thing
it is not is a telescope telescopes
measure photons packages of light both
visible and invisible to the naked eye
this type of astronomy has given us most
of our knowledge of the universe thus
far but the cosmos speaks to us in
languages other than
light for the AMS this will be the first
time scientists study charged particles
exploding stars and other celestial
phenomena are thought to produce cosmic
rays which traveled across the universe
and can wash up on the shores of our
planet the Rays are composed of charged
particles but many of these are absorbed
in our atmosphere making it impossible
to study them on earth but outside our
atmosphere on the space station the AMS
will be able to sift through these
particles helping us search for
antimatter dark matter and the stuff of
which the universe is made a particle
will pass into the AMS layer upon layer
of detectors tells us the mass energy
and velocity of the particle other
detectors tell us which direction or
path the particle took as it passed
through the AMS at the heart of the unit
is a Magnum that will make the particle
curve one way or another telling us
whether it is matter or antimatter and
just how quickly does all this particle
detection happen faster and I can snap
my fingers nanoseconds in nanoseconds
AMS gathers data at a ridiculously large
rate we will see about 25,000 hits per
of cosmic rays coming into the aperture
of AMS six zero and liftoff for the
final launch of Endeavour expanding our
knowledge expanding our lives in space
it’s bad the roll program
as endeavour begins the heads-down
position on course for a 51.6 degree 136
by 36 statute mile orbit
three engines now throttling down as
endeavour passes through the area of
maximum dynamic pressure on the vehicle
in the lower atmosphere approaching one
minute into the flight endeavour
endeavours three main engines now back
at full throttle all three engines in
good shape endeavours already traveling
1,300 miles per hour at an altitude of
11 miles downrange from the Kennedy
Space Center now 12 miles
and liftoff endeavour fully fueled wait
four and a half million pounds it’s
already lost half that weight in
propellent now burned that weight the
next event is burnout in separation of
the twin solid rocket boosters that
upcoming here shortly at the two-minute
three-second point those boosters are
burning 11,000 pounds of fuel per second
and standing by for separation of the
solid rocket boosters
now you can see Venus
yes in October not yet maybe someday in
fact there’s some really smart
scientists who are working on something
antimatter to power spaceships into deep
space and all the fuel that they’ll need
well it’ll fit in something about like
this cool where did I do that Washington
State University Oh coops Washington
State University because the world needs
big ideas at any given moment about 1800
thunderstorms are in progress somewhere
on the globe new observations by NASA’s
Fermi gamma-ray Space Telescope show
that thunderstorms make antimatter
the process starts with a terrestrial
gamma-ray flash or TGF an intense pulse
of gamma rays originating from
these dots mark TGFs observed by Fermi’s
gamma-ray burst monitor during the
spacecraft’s first eight months of
operations researchers estimate that
there may be as many as 500 TGFs each
day on December 14 2009 as Fermi passed
over Egypt it spotted a TGIF produced by
a thunderstorm in Zambia the TGF was
over the spacecraft’s horizon where
Fermi couldn’t see it so how could Fermi
have detected it scientists believe that
the TGF process begins the thunderstorms
intense electrical field electrons
within this field become accelerated
upward above the storm where the air is
thin the electrons can ramp up to speeds
nearly as fast as the speed of light
when these ultra-fast electrons
encounter an atom they emit gamma rays
very rarely one of these gamma-ray
photons grazes an atom and transforms
into a pair of particles one an electron
is normal matter the other is antimatter
the electrons opposite called a positron
the gamma rays travel in straight lines
but the charged particles spiral along
lines of Earth’s magnetic field and that
was the route to Fermi the particles
created by the TGF wrote upward on
magnetic field lines and then struck the
spacecraft the positrons annihilated
when they struck electrons and Fermi
creating a flash of gamma rays for an
instant Fermi became a gamma ray source
and set off its own detectors a fraction
of a second later some of the particles
were bounced back along the same
magnetic field line they again passed
through their me and again produced
gamma rays the spacecraft has observed
this phenomenon on at least four other
occasions so the next time lightning
flashes and Thunder roars remember you
may be witnessing antimatter in the
researchers have found a band of
antiprotons ringing around the earth
adding one more to the list of particles
earth holds within its magnetic field
cosmic rays constantly ran in from space
colliding with Earth’s atmosphere and
creating a spray of new particles
scientists have observed anti particles
before but this is the first time anti
protons have been observed many of these
particles become trapped inside Earth’s
Van Allen radiation belts the doughnut
shaped zones around Earth where
particles swirl around the magnetic
field the fine described in
Astrophysical Journal Letters confirms
theories that predicted the particle the
University of Rome detected these
particles using Pamella cosmic ray
detector attached to a Russian satellite
the satellite orbited through the South
Atlantic anomaly allowing the study of
geomagnetic elite trap particles in the
inner radiation boat between July 2006
in December 2008 Pamella detected 28
anti protons trapped in spiraling orbits
around the magnetic field sprouting from
the Earth’s South Pole according to
researchers at italy’s university of
bari the band is most abundant source of
anti protons near the earth the fine
could one day open the door to fueling
spacecrafts with the exotic particle an
idea already being explored by nasa’s
institute for advanced concepts
and a lot of people are doing nothing
more than getting huge quantities of
mass and see if they can get a gravity
wave to cause things to move well that
isn’t what we’re talking about at all
so I wondered if gravity could be
related to his cousin magnetism hmm and
so I I found that when I take two
magnets together I have some neodymium
surround here that I’m actually afraid
of thee or something like that they can
danger you but anyhow you take a magnet
you’re going to put them together and go
and they go clunk right but you take one
of them move it around on all of a
sudden everyone does one right the
repulsive so I got I had I ordered one
at $5,000 a piece with with with a
quarter-inch hole through between both
of them and they put a brass bolt and I
tighten them down forcing them together
and then I put them together in a thing
that looks kind of like a rock okay and
then I got another one but didn’t have
magnets you know and Galileo and Ian all
is endeavours he went up to the lean
Torah Pisa and dropped these and he
dropped the big rock and a small rock
and his buddy down the bottom kept
killing him with the Lord’s abode and
arrived at the same time can we copy to
both silver wind and Senator drum in the
my right hand a hammer I guess one of
the reasons we got here today was
because of a gentleman named Galileo a
long time ago who made a rather
significant discovery about falling
objects and gravity pills and we thought
that where would be a better place to
confirm his findings on the moon and so
we thought we’d try it here for you and
the feather happens to be appropriately
a falcon feather for our Falcon and I’ll
drop the two up here and hopefully
they’ll hit the ground at the same time
how about that was correct in his
I got nine guys but we’re not educated
and didn’t have priyah didn’t have pre
opinions on anything and I dropped my
two rocks and I said what I would like
you to do is I told him what I’d like
you to do is I would like you to take
whichever one arise first get it in your
hand when I come down the elevator and
they’re doing now they looked identical
except for so and nobody know what was
inside absolutely not all the nine times
and I tested it it’s as though the one
with the opposing magnet field extending
out three feet on each side
I actually measured how long the field
how big the field was and on each side
of a rod that of one rock I had a total
of six feet of anyway the other the
other Rocawear first which one of my
first know was the one that had no
magnetic field in it so you were able to
cancel out gravity to a certain degree
you are the Casa cipher reduce the mass
gravity effect precisely by by opposing
fields in ten nice you bet and got nine
signatures and what I always skip this
Oh at least eight years ago this is the
actual document of boys were he proved
that by altering the the field in a
falling body the magnetic field it
reduced its mass gravity equivalent
cancel out the effects of gravity to a
certain percentage and he did a five
hundred ability five hundred drop tests
conducted from a height of fifty nine
feet the location is in white Solomon
Texas and the time was 12:20 p.m. and
this was in 1995 December 12th nobody
knows this I know it so gravity mass
gravity is not well that you can alter
it and it’ll gravity gravity within
so heaven gravity goes through anything
that’s solid and anything like iron or
anything else but I but it has to have a
magnetic complement which may be
cancelling out within itself but as soon
as they got around my rock yet all of a
sudden recognized a presence that
somebody one of my science students
tried to merge electromagnetism and
gravity and he rejected it but he didn’t
have an experiment like you know I
understand oh yeah yeah I know that what
but but see we you nature never uses
English doesn’t speak it doesn’t
speak any language but yet it’s talking
to us all the time right and the key
thing is to identify what
it’s saying
David Madeira with hemp technologies
this is our first house in the United
States it’s permitted what you’ve just
seen is the mixture the mixture is the
most important thing that must remain
consistent as you can see from this row
we’re do it in sections now these
sections have to fit together and that
consistency of the mix is crucial now we
did these on last week we can take down
the forms now and move them up this is a
big window here we’ll lay the bottom
plate in it and then this will be
protected so what we were using here is
recycled plastic in reusable plastic
shutter forms but lock together tight
sometimes we have to scream directly
into the framing but pretty much though
unlock and then we use them
on the outside for this bottom layer we
need to leave that shuttering on for 24
hours and after 24 hours we can remove
that first layer of shuttering system
and then we take the bottom shutters and
we move them up on top now in the
perfect world we’d have enough shutters
to do both sides but right now we have
to keep you reusing them to go around
the house so for these forms the regular
concrete you have a slumping that causes
the bottom form to go out with hem crate
you do not have any of this slumping so
you don’t have to worry about taking the
form off too early with concrete what
would happen it’s pushing the form out
and that’s why your forms have to be a
lot stronger and in this case because we
don’t have any slump we don’t have to
worry about that
okay so what we have here is the hemp
ship or also called the herd which is
the internal part of the stem of the
plant let’s mix of the line-based binder
so with that line days binder and the
hemp we’ve got a negative carbon
footprint now the difference between
lime and concrete is that lime you don’t
have to heat up as much concrete you
have to heat up to through almost 3,000
degrees which takes a lot of energy and
as a very that’s very poorly on the
carbon footprint
whereas lime does much much better now
this binder using the lime and the
hempcrete together you have a breathable
wall but yet air doesn’t pass through so
you have a much more thermal dynamic
the major differences between this and
strawberries when strawberry gets wet it
doesn’t do as well as this when this
gets wet it just drives itself out
naturally because of its breathing
capability and so you never have mold
you never have dry rot and you never
have termites and so this whole wall is
going to breathe so the cellulose
properties of hemp or so much better
than straw now there might be some plan
out there that’s even better but we
don’t know about it
basically what this does is because of
the lime-based binder not only does it
have a carbon negative footprint it will
pool carbon dioxide out of the air after
the house is built because the line is
trying to go back to being a rock and he
needs carbon dioxide to do that that
means this we’re all sitting to get
harder and harder and harder over time
it’s going to petrify so this is these
wells allows for thousands of years
not at 40 years I thought were used to
you can see how well in winter
conditions the hempcrete has held up
we’ve had freezing down to 8 degrees
Fahrenheit here back up to 32 back down
it’s gotten to 40 degrees and it’s done
extremely well at this weather
so once it warms up put the finishing
render on it
cannabis hemp is the number one food
fuel fiber paper medicine out of any
plant on earth
amongst the thousands of products made
from him one of the most extraordinary
is Henry Ford’s plastic car built in
it contained cellulose fibers derived
from hemp sisal and wheat straw the
plastic was live in steel it could
withstand the impact without denting but
there is no enzyme processes operate now
that accounting that they can get as
much as 1,800 gallons of ethanol per
acre now eighteen other girls would eat
your how to eat raw water run your car
and you have a few hundred
left over and don’t think for a second
that your car can have an alcohol Gibbs
rate down over half the cars in Brazil
are running on alcohol made from
sugarcane an emphasis in superior plant
– sugarcane because it hit the high
cellulose content they will produce the
boat out all my weight Nepal we have a
unique way that we process biomass and
ethanol or cellulose and ethanol
we do that by collect first collecting
the Stover which in this case is corn
cobs and some some of the light husks
and leaves that come off the corn stock
we then process that at our facility
basically taking through a milling
process first it then goes on to a
pretreatment step where we break down
those particles even further through a
enzymatic hydrolysis step where we
convert the cells and heavy silos into
sugars how those sugars then move to a
fermentation stage or over time they’re
converted to ethanol that ethanol isn’t
separated from that mixture and the
remainder which becomes a byproduct then
can be used power not just the
cellulosic plant that were that we’re
operating to do this whole process but
also can be used to power other
facilities that could be located next to
ours such as a grain based ethanol plant
or an electric generating plant
that make any thanks to you my name is
Rick Simpson and I’m here in the
beautiful city of Rijeka
to speak about the use of hemp medicine
what’s truly happened here is years ago
big money has manipulated governments
and all kinds of organizations into
keeping this plan away from the public
because it’s so medicinal and not only
that it’s a it’s an energy source it can
feed the planet – on top of that because
it’s the hemp seeds are one of the most
nutritious things you can eat it’s
endless what we can do with this plant
and then we will not be at the mercy of
these big energy companies we can all
supply our own energy needs this is the
greatest medicine on this planet for
treating all types of diseases like
cancer multiple sclerosis arthritis
chronic pain I could sit here go on for
the next hour because in reality this
medicine works on all medical conditions
it promotes full body healing and it
doesn’t just go after like the condition
you have like when you go to the medical
system and you have a say a big tumor
the medical system tries to treat the
tumor they’re not treating the
underlying condition that’s allowing
your body to create that filament but
when you take this oil it goes after the
underlying condition plus it goes after
the tumor and I mean we’ve just seen
miraculous results with the use of this
medication and where it’s harmless why
shouldn’t we all have access to it
there’s no reason that this plant
couldn’t be used to heal the world and
this is the direction we have to go if
we have to take back our freedom and we
have to we have to try to get rid of a
lot of this pollution that’s ruining
this planet our planet is poisoned it’s
in a horrible situation especially like
with that big Gulf oil spill in the Gulf
of Mexico then you’ve got Japan spewing
radiation for what heaven knows how long
that will go on and on top of that this
dependency we have on all all this
fossil fuels again which are the fossil
fuels are poisoning our planet
the biggest design challenge in the
solar arrays was probably just their
size each solar array is 28 feet long
and so we have three of them and so when
the solar arrays are fully deployed the
geno spacecraft is almost 60 feet in
diameter across the across the solar
arrays getting those big solar panels to
work the way we expect them to work and
produce the amount of power we need
that’s been a bit of a challenge the
solar arrays are pretty interesting when
we deploy them they’ll be generating
about 12 kilowatts of power as we get
further and further from the Sun that
amount of energy will drop off until we
finally get to Jupiter where we’re only
generating 400 watts it’s not even
enough to run a hairdryer generally with
Space Exploration you’re pushing the
envelope of technology solar panels have
improved a bit the instruments have
improved a bit and can run on less power
a professor at Princeton named Gerard
O’Neill conceived of the idea of putting
large colonies in space large artificial
places where people could live and work
and what we did was to gather together a
group of University people to look at
the problem of how you’d build the very
first colony
this is torus the concept that has
evolved from the work of these teams of
scientists and engineers they believe
the huge space colony could be built
before the year 2000 the space colony
has the ability to provide a facility in
space where human beings can conduct
fruitful industry the amount of sunlight
that is present in every square mile of
space is enormous and that provides
enormous energy one of the things that
one can do is to build very large solar
power stations which collect sunlight
the earth-like environment would even
simulate our gravity as the wheel
revolves once each minute the other
materials like food and water are
maintained locally within the colony the
initial supplies are brought up from
Earth and then eventually the colony
becomes self-sustaining by utilizing the
sunlight that’s available all the time
in space by optimizing the temperatures
by not having storms or things like that
that damage crops and we increase the
carbon dioxide levels a little bit so
the plants grow a little faster by
playing all these tricks we’re able to
generate this this fairly efficient farm
in our design from dairy farms to
manufacturing the concept of living and
working in space is a possibility with
existing technology that new space home
located a quarter of a million miles

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